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Is African inequality inevitable?

Pen pals

Twenty-four books for Winter 2024

How do you make a Blueberry Sparkler?

Why are the Danes so individualistic?

What will happen to the Rand?

#Econhist papers I (mostly) admire, May 2024

Today we celebrate democracy

Why I will vote for the Science Party

'We do not punch above our weight – we are punching ourselves'

Populism is everywhere

How to fix South Africa

2024 is our 1924

The New Pact

Those who see the future

A 'spirit of speculation'

Our long walk to freedom at thirty

#Econhist papers I (mostly) admire, April 2024

Jamaica has a bad-debt team

'The idea that you are going to change a person’s attitude towards a business by giving them shareholding is wrong'

A most dangerous profession

The entrepreneurial continent

The problem of information pollution

Beyond words

A bad example

'History, unlike spreadsheets, doesn’t always give you the answer that you want'

On runners and fighters

#Econhist papers I (mostly) admire, Mar 2024


When historians ignore economics


When economists ignore history

Globalisation, recurring


'Let's remove this uncaring, unpatriotic and corrupt government from power'

Is social media damaging Generation Alpha?

#Econhist papers I (mostly) admire, Feb 2024

Before we go BIG, let's learn to build big

Let's read 60 papers

The Four Horsemen of the university

'We can avoid our seemingly inevitable descent into more economic misery'

A Stellenbosch history guide

Rebels with a cause

The Age of Sinistrality

#Econhist papers I (mostly) admire, Jan 2024

The rise of the African Crocodiles

Ten questions that 2024 might answer: Part 2

In search of South Africa's Javier Milei

Ten questions that 2024 might answer: Part 1

When do prayers work?

Is Africa still rising?

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