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I teach economic history to undergraduate and graduate students and frequently write on the topic, either by contributing to research or for a more popular audience, as a columnist and blogger.

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What’s in a name?

Our Long Walk is taken from my first book, Our Long Walk to Economic Freedom, an entertaining and accessible economic history spanning everything from the human migration out of Africa 100 000 years ago to the Covid-19 pandemic. Written from an African perspective, it covers complex debates about the roots and reasons for prosperity, the march of opportunity versus the crushing boot of exploitation, and why the builders of societies – rather than the burglars ­– ultimately win out.

Says Anne McCants, professor of history at MIT:

‘Johan Fourie’s commitment to understanding the historical roots of prosperity and ensuring its wide distribution in the future makes this one of the most humane economic histories I have read.’

For more information, visit www.johanfourie.com/ourlongwalk.

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South Africa's economic past, present and future


South African economic historian and author of 'Our Long Walk to Economic Freedom' (Cambridge University Press, 2022).