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Economic history goes global

What makes for the perfect Christmas party?

#Econhist papers I (mostly) admire, Dec 2023

Don't bet on it

Farms to factories to fractionalisation

Into the Wildersness

Stellenbosch is a bubble

The great education convergence

The freedom of Marseille

Bluebottle: A bookish short story

The #econhist class of 23/24

What Harvard recommends

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The next phase of capitalism

Banking on God

How much education do you inherit?

Lessons from South Africa's business tycoons

The politics of business

The secret soul of Springbok rugby

The Monopoly mindset

The South African economy in one minute

South Africa's failed industrial policy

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Why she won

Is South Africa heading for a fiscal crisis?

Liberalism is equality of permission

Time to tell Africa's stories

Decoding the Stellenbosch mafia


Tonypandy and truth

The psychology of poverty

#Econhist papers I (mostly) admire, Sep 2023

Should you marry for genes or money?

Guest post: An unequal harvest

What are governments for?

The story of Louis

The quest for quantitative history

Guest post: Time for business

BRICS is not about economics

A tale of two vineyards

A test for freckles, disease and identity

Guest post: Cricket in America

How politics shapes segregation

#Econhist papers I (mostly) admire, Aug 2023

How easy it is to forget that we live in the greatest country on earth

How not to make a Greek salad

We are becoming better humans

'Our Long Walk' celebrates its first birthday

Guest post: What can the nineteenth-century Cape Colony teach us about racial disenfranchisement?

What did the content creator, architect and citrus farmer say to the South African policymaker?

Teaching with ChatGPT

How Hayek can help South Africa

Guest post: Where are the gaps in African economic history?

What do the governor of St Helena, an English carpenter and artificial fish fillets have in common?

PIRLS of wisdom

'A unique view of our world'

Could AI topple South Africa’s system of science funding?

How numbers can help recover the past

Guest post: Is the diamond losing its shine?

What do an Afrikaans singer, an ostrich with a Kitkat and Vermeer at the Voortrekker Monument have in common?

Population pressures

Kikuyu counterfactuals

What we learn from Cape wheat farmers in 1825

Transformation travesty

Leaders are not randomly selected

Guest post: Factory fit

What do Jan van Riebeeck, lemon juice and the Sicilian mafia have in common?

South Africa's leaders and why they fail

Dam history lessons

Guest post: Accountability in South Africa's healthcare system is on life support


The future is finally here

Guest post: Does a negative wealth shock affect your health?

A reinterpretation of Africa's twentieth century

Tourists are also migrating south

Guest post: What can we learn from clerks in twentieth-century Cape Town?

What we win from loadshedding

Guest post: How the Chinese fixed loadshedding

Why 2022 was the year of global economic history

What I would study

Guest post: How dark is the Dutch past?

Who to listen to for financial advice

If I were Ramaphosa, I'd call these people

The death of the columnist?

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