This is an important conversation because for South Africa to become a prosperous nation it must resolve the unhealthy tension between public and private sector in way that is aligned to our strategic objectives. It's clear that BEE are not redistributive in nature. A worker share model is something I believe would garner wide support.

In Gauteng a mega-infrastructure project needs to focus on improving storm water drainage systems and collect the water to pump it south towards the Karoo for irrigation purpose you outlined. A more daring mega project deal is to stopping the expansion of the spatial planning and build up in the cities, that would significantly reduce transport costs etc.

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Johan, really enjoyed this article (Yes, I am biased due to proximity!) Did you know one can drive into the tunnel in the dry periods?

We are planning a day trip into the tunnel in mid-June - if you are interested, let me know to organise you a visit in future.

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I'll have to visit, Jason! Will be in touch.

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