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This is interesting.

So let me share my thoughts.

Rather straight forward out of my humble opinion and experience.

There is no doubt that we live in a technological innovations age that was not really the case in Europe those days. It was more the industries expansion . Where good governance was most probably one of the good contributing factors. Because it is clear that the governance Listern so as to Understand and then Became Part of developments to follow.

The Western Cape has in my opinion got a good provincial government. However in my experience the municipal governance is not necessarily much better than the rest of South Africa. Even possible having its own variation of autocratic approach of not being approachable.

If, in my humble opinion, general governance can be substantially improved especially municipal governance... Major economy success can be expected.

I say this because my crime reduction and technology development, are and have been for over 25 years, very dependent on governance acceptance. Just of late with a change in the total approach of adopting a statergy of almost no reliance governance approval, acceptance and participation... The service to the public has made Great Progress.

If the governing bodies would just, at minimum Listen to the proposals, vast Betterment4all will follow.

If the governing bodies actually cooperate, then the possibilities are phenomenal.

So my conclusion is...

There was participation governance then.

There is almost no governance participation now.


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